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Photography Exhibition by H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
“Traveling Photos, Photos Traveling”

10 December 2013 – 16 February 2014
Main Gallery, 9th floor

"Traveling Photos, Photos Traveling" is a new photograhy exhibition by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn taken during her visits to both overseas and domestically within Thailand during 2012 – 2013. All the 173 photos in this exhibition will be displayed to make the visitor feel like they are traveling with her.

A photo book with all the photos displayed in this exhibition (900 Baht) accompanies this exhibition. The book is available at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and Chulalongkorn Book Center. All proceeds from the book go to H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for her charity activities.

For more information Tel. 02 214 6630-8, 083 820 2020

main exhibitions

bacc exhibition

Concept Context Contestation: art and the collective in Southeast Asia
By BACC Exhibition Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
13 December 2013 – 2 March 2014
Opening reception on Thursday 12 December 2013 at 18.30 hrs.
Main Gallery, 8th floor

Concept Context Contestation: art and the collective in Southeast Asia Is a new exhibition at BACC about conceptual approaches to making art for, with, and about the collective and collective issues in Southeast Asia. Produced by BACC to mark ASEAN integration in 2015, the show includes over 50 artworks by 41 regional artists, many internationally-recognised. Charting one of regional contemporary art’s most important threads, locally-rooted conceptual thinking used to actively engage audiences, CCC investigates the close connection between conceptual approaches and social ideologies in Southeast Asian contemporary art of the last four decades.

For more information Tel. 083 999 4498 Email:

bacc exhibition

Media/Art Kitchen- Reality Distortion Field (M/AK : RDF) ‘Media Shapes Mind: Mind Shapes Choice: Choice Shapes Future’
By BACC Exhibition Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and The Japan Foundation
21 December 2013 – 16 February 2014
Opening reception on Friday 20 December 2013 at 18.00 hrs.
Main Gallery on the 7th floor, 5th floor and 3rd floor

As part of the commemoration of the 40th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation in 2013, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in collaboration with the Japan Foundation present a media art exhibition from artists around the Southeast Asia region. With a group of young Southeast Asian curators and researchers with a strong background in media art and their Japanese counterparts jointly refine the concept of the exhibition through surveys and discussions; a number of artists and outstanding works from each country are selected and presented in an event that will be altered to fit the specific conditions of each region, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. The exhibition will present interdisciplinary media art in the widest sense of the word and encompass genres such as film, digital video, animation, photography, sound, and performance (physical expression).

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bacc photo

Picture Perfect: A Photography Series Exhibition
Part II: Supernatural

By BACC Exhibition Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
9 November 2013 – 3 January 2014
Curved Wall on the 3rd, 4th and 5th Floor

Undeniable that photography still requires a human controller. Including objectives are the essence of all human beings as well. This exhibition show some clues that we tend to overlook or cannot see. It's not object or location, but may be called by the status that exists in nature, overlapping situations that are hard to believe. Photo of all artists bring us to the mystery world. Some interpret as parallel. We may emerge or evolve imaginations during communicate with these photos

For more information Tel. 02 214 6630-8

people's gallery

“Thailand Perspective”‏
12 December 2013 – 12 January 2014
People's Gallery P1 - P3, 2nd floor artHUB@bacc

Thailand, in the eye of foreigners, has been generally presented as a travel destination as to promote tourism. However, not many tourists are aware of various cultural aspects in depth that the country has yet to portrayed. In order to illustrate the authentic Thai background details, this project has been conducted to present Thailand in depth and different aspects of the unseen subtle Thai way of life.


ASEAN Nights: ASEAN Beyond Frontier
13 – 15 December 2013 at 16.00 – 21.00 hrs.
Open Space in front of BACC

ASEAN Nights: ASEAN Beyond Frontier is a 3 day outdoor festival with various ASEAN film screenings, live performances and various cultural activities. It will bring you festive spirit through mingling with ASEAN communities with authentic ASEAN food, live performances and film screenings, in order to promote understanding among neighboring countries, under the idea of “Open & Share”. Numerous activity booths by groups of Art and Cultural Networks and ASEAN expats will bring out the fun for multi-cultural participants. ASEAN food will be served along with five selected ASEAN film screenings which best represent contemporary society of each country, together with music and live performances.

16.00 hrs. Activity booths by groups of Art and Cultural Networks and ASEAN expats
17.00 hrs. Cultural activities and live performances
18.30 hrs. ASEAN film screenings and talks

13 December 2013
- Indonesian Film “The Rainbow Troops”
- Contemporary Arab and Malay Music Performance by “Baby Arabia” Band

14 December 2013
- Molum Music Performance by “The Paradise Bangkok Molum International Band”
- Lao Film “Chanthaly”
- Thai Film “Phi Mak Phra Khanong”

15 December 2013
- ASEAN Mixed Music Performance by “DJ Maft Sai”
- Cambodian Film “Golden Slumbers”
- Thai Film “Tang Wong”

For more information Tel. 02 214 6630-8 ext. 519 Email:
Bangkok ASEAN Art & Culture Festival

arts network

20 Years Sirindhorn Art Exhibition
19 November - 29 December 2013
Hall, 1st floor and Hall, L floor

Art auction and art exhibition to commemorate the 58th Birthday Anniversary of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn


bacc performing arts

P.A.F.: Performative Art Festival # 2
By Arts Activity Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
1 November - 15 December 2013
Studio, 4th floor

This year's festival includes ASIATOPIA International Performance Art Festival 15 / 2013, Bangkok Theatre Festival 2013, International Dance Festival 2013: THE ROAD TO ASEAN and Butoh Women: The 8th International Butoh Festival Thailand 2013. Apart from various performances, the programmes include workshops, Butoh performances, exhibition, and video installation throughout December 2013.

For more information Tel. 02 214 6630-8 ext. 519 Email:

bacc library

Storytelling Activity for Kids: “The Legend of Banh Chung Cake”
By Art Library, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Saturday 21 December 2013 at 14.00 – 15.30 hrs.
friends of bacc Room, 6th floor

Once upon a time in Vietnam, there was a king who wanted to select his successor to rule his kingdom after him but he had many sons and he did not know who would be the best. So the king issued the decree that each of his sons would have to prepare a special dish to be offered to the ancestors on New Year’s Day and he would decide who would be his successor based on that dish. Every prince had the money to prepare delicate dishes except the youngest prince, Lang Lieu. But at night he dreamed that an old man appeared and taught him how to make a delicious and cheap cake. On the contest day, the other princes presented the exotic dishes to the king but Lang Lieu only displayed a simple flat rice cake. How would this simple cake taste like? And what dish would the king choose? Find out what will happen next on the date and time mentioned above.

Free entry
For more information Tel. 02 214 6630-8 ext. 126, 127


Gallery Coffee Drip
1st floor

This friendly place is where journey and coffee meet. We offer various type of coffee originated from all around the world with coffee related equipment and handmade souvenirs for sale.

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3rd floor

We are the unique jewelry shop. Our unique jewelry is made from Nano Silver Clay. We are the only Jewelry D.I.Y in Thailand. You can personalize your own jewelry with our artist for a very special gift.

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Upcoming in January

bacc cinema

Cinema Diverse: Director's Choice
Saturday 25 January 2014 at 16.30 – 21.00 hrs.
Auditorium, 5th Floor

Bangkok Art and Culture proudly presents “Cinema Diverse: Director's Choice”. For the 2nd Cinema Diverse, five international films, selected by five acclaimed Thai directors, will be shown bi-monthly from November 2013 – July 2014, followed by a talk with the director after each screening.

The second screening on Saturday 25 January 2014 is a Japanese film, Himizu (2011) selected by Mr. Tanwarin Sukkhapisit, an acclaimed Thai director of It Gets Better, Hug Na Sarakam and Insects in the Backyard.

Himizu is a 2011 Japanese drama film based on a manga of the same name by Furuya Minoru and directed by Sono Sion, the controversial cult director whose previous works include Love Exposure, Noriko’s Dinner Table and Cold Fish. The film competed in competition at the 68th Venice International Film Festival in 2011. At the festival, Sometani Shota and Nikaido Fumi received the Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best New Young Actor and Actress for their work in the film.

After the screening, there will be a talk about the film with Tanwarin and Suzuki Ryota, a Japanese writer who has been living in Thailand for more than 10 years.

*Screening in Japanese with Thai subtitles
*Film screening starts at 18.00 hrs.
*The talk after the screening will be in Thai with English translation.
*The film is suitable for adults 15 years and over.

Free entry
No reservation needed

For more information please call 02 214 6630-8 ext. 528 and email:


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