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bacc experimental project

A series of experimental sound project
Project#1: DURATION

by BACC exhibition dept. in collaboration with SO::ON Dry FLOWER
7 - 8 November 2014
Multi - Function Room, 1st floor
Meeting Room 501, 5th floor
BTS entrance, 3rd Floor

A experimental sound project presents the intensity and tension using 'Drift' as in motor racing technique where the driver
intentionally oversteers while maintaining control, the concept is to propose psychological digressing in geography of sounds
from one area to the next and explore its diverse aspects through technical and creative contents that involves crossing
platforms and various disciplines of the artists. The focus is to allow the audience to understand sound as an art form and
open up to incidents and situations to arrive at their new listening experience. With combination of solo performances, sound
installations, improvising sessions, workshops and lectures, the project investigates unheard perceptions of sound through works
by international / local sound artists via different formats under experimental approach. A series of experimental sound project
will begin with the first project: DURATION.

Project #1: DURATION

As we experience duration as one definite length, it could apply to a period of event in progress or length in relativity in which
the state lies in respect of the observer. In this concept of time as one fundamental aspect of music, its representation can be
broken down, shorten, extended and related to beat, rhythm, form, pitch in language of music. Between the beginning and the
end, the artists will explore and experiment of what could happen in range not only of short and long but also various incidents
that can be sustained to expand sonic perception and possibility of sound in time...

Koichi Shimizu / Pichaya Aime Suphavanij

Arnont Nongyao (Thailand)
Crys Cole (Canada)
Goh Lee Kwang (Malaysia)
Oren Ambarchi (Australia)
Robert Piotrowicz (Poland)
With The Photo Sticker Machine and More


Fri 7 Nov 2014
Multi - Fucntion Room, 1st Floor

7.30pm - 9.00pm.  Improvising session
Crys Cole, Goh Lee Kwang, Robert Piotrowicz
with The Photo Sticker Machine

Sat 8 Nov 2014
Meeting Room 501, 5th floor

2.00 pm Workshop 1 : Robert Piotrowicz
3.00 pm Workshop 2 : Goh Lee Kwang
4.00 pm Workshop 3 : Oren Ambarchi & Crys Cole
5.15 pm Workshop 4 : Arnont Nongyao

Multi - Function Room, 1st Floor
6.30 pm - 9:30pm : Solo performances

Sound Installation

BTS entrance, 3rd Floor
Multi - Function Room entrance, 1st Floor

The workshop allows for 20 people per session, for reservation please contact
All activities are free of charge.

The project by BACC exhibition dept. in collaboration with SO::ON Dry FLOWER as part of BACC Experimental Project.
For more information, please contact BACC exhibition dept.:

main exhibition 789

Inson Wongsam : The Autonomous Spirit
Organized by BACC exhibition dept.
12 September - 23 November 2014
Main Gallery, 9th floor

It was more than 50 years that Inson Wongsam, an 80 years old venerable artist,
has dedicated himself and has proven his faith and steadfastness of an artist who
keeps following the path of abstract art and never returning to representational
art again.

At 28, the young Northern artist-adventurer travelled on his scooter from Thailand
heading to faraway destinations in Europe to broaden his art experiences. Exhibitions
along with meetings with artists-critics from different cultures have driven him,
a Thai sculptor who was kindled with creativity, to excel his abstract works of art
to be internationally acclaimed. Travelling back to the homeland, the determined
artist brought back nothing but 12 years of art experience. With the spirit of a creator
who explores and revisits his native land, Inson Wongsam has mingled local culture of
the Northern and Abstract art harmoniously.

Inson Wongsam: The Autonomous Spirit features over 100 works including sculptural
pieces (1974-now), woodprints (1999-now), and the recent paintings (2013-now).
His works usually reveal uniqueness in relation to the depth of human mind. The
exhibition also includes another significant series of sculptures such as "Huay Fai"
(1974-1977) which was created from the huge stump of teak unfolds the yearning
for the purity abides in nature that instigates the community to concern with the loss
of trees and forests; miniatures of "Sculptures Under the Sea" (1968-1974), a series of
metallic sculptures that suggests the awareness of environmental problems and natural
crises are. Some pieces belonging to the series will be fully expressed through a piece
of Video art by Jirasak Saengpolsith, and Watchara Kanha Thai contemporary artist; and
there is also a set of reassemble sculptures (1997-now), which assembles distinctive
pieces of wood with dowel joints that can be adjustable.

Guest curator: Tuksina Pipitkul
Invited Artists: Jirasak Saengpolsith and Wachara Kanha

An exhibition by BACC Exhibition Dept.
For more information

main exhibition 789

Thai Charisma: Heritage + Creative Power
Organized by Fine Arts Department,
Office of Contemporary Art and Culture,
Ministry of Culture and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
29 August - 16 November 2014
Main Gallery, 8th floor

Co-organized by the Fine Arts Department, Office of Contemporary Art and Culture,
Ministry of Culture and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Thai Charisma: Heritage +
Creative Power comprises 38 heritage objects and new contemporary works by 19
artists. Guest curator of the exhibition, Prof. Dr Apinan Poshyananda, Permanent
Secretary, Ministry of Culture wrote, "Thai Charisma will be an exciting and challenging
exhibition for Thai living artists to contemplate and interpret heritage objects from the
National collection. It is like going back in time to pay respect to anonymous master
artisans whose mastery should be praised and revered as legendary."

For the first time, these heritage objects will be shown to the public while many new
works by contemporary artists are the result of direct encounter with heritage of the
master artisans. "We can fully appreciate the artistic skills of artisans and artists," explained
Prof. Apinan, "while the viewers can experience simultaneously the link and connection
of heritage and creative power."

Guest Curator: Prof. Dr Apinan Poshyananda

Asrtists: Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook, Bussaraporn Thongchai, Dow Wasiksiri, Jakkai Siributr,
Kamin Lertchaiprasert, Kampanath Ruangkittivilas, Noppawaong Baothong, Pannapan Yodmanee, Panya Vijinthanasarn, Pichate Kiewprasirt, Prasert Yodkaew, Rattawalee
Chanchawvali, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Rolf von Bueren, Sakarin Krue-on, Siroj Phuangbupha,
Thawan Duchanee, Udomsak Krisanamis, Yuree Kansaku

people's gallery

Emotional eason
By Kamol Homklin
4 - 29 October 2014
People's Gallery P1-P2, 2nd floor, artHUB@bacc

The past seasons progressed and traced the history and memories whether good
or bad. The last drop of the rain marks the end of the season and the beginning
of the new one. Same as human mind and emotion, both are confined and free
at the same time. Ideal is disguised as a dream luring us to follow the path of deceit,
desire, possession and hope. Human are nothing but ignorant moths bound to face
the emptiness in the end.

Image of Suffering
By Warawat Pimpisai
3 - 29 October 2014
People's Gallery P3, 2nd floor, artHUB@bacc

Territory of suffering is so vast that it covers everything. Suffering is a state that
one cannot tolerate conditions in which one is faced with the uncertainly and the
ever changing nature of everything. Life is just a very short moment of recognition,
a moment of a dream or a haze that continually exists in a circle of birth, being and
decease. The artist takes a deep look inside his own mind and investigate, survey,
and consider the existence of the inner self with the subconscious fearing for the
state of reality, of the eventually decay and the lost in identity which lead to images
of suffering.

arts network

Chihiro Iwasaki and Picture Books of Japan
- From the Chihiro Art Museum Collection -

By the Japan Foundation, Bangkok in collaboration
with the Chihiro Art Museum Azumino,
and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
5 October - 16 November 2014
Curved Wall, 3rd - 5th floor

From the deeply expressive illustrations of 'Totto-Chan: The Little Girl at the Window',
the masterpieces of Chihiro Iwasaki, one of the most beloved Japanese artists/illustrators
in the world, will be displayed for the first time in Thailand. The Japan Foundation,
Bangkok in collaboration with the Chihiro Art Museum Azumino will displayed more
than 40 water-coloured paintings of Chihiro Chihiro Iwasaki.


bacc music

The 8th Bangkok Music Forum
"Manoch Puttal In His Own Point of View and Others
By Arts Activity Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Saturday 18 October 2014 at 15.30 - 18.30 hrs.
Auditorium, 5th floor

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre proudly presents the 8th Bangkok Music Forum
"Manoch Puttal In His Own Point of View and Others". Join us for the life stories in
the lifelong music career of Manoch Puttal with guest speakers, Pojanath Pojanapitak
and Num Mueng Chan along with performances by The Lambs and Manoch Putta's
guitar telling stories.

Moderated by Vip Buraphadeja on Saturday 18 October 2014 at 15.30 - 18.30 hrs.
Auditorium, 5th floor, BACC.

*Free entry / No reservation Activity by Arts Activity Department,
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

For more information:
Arts Activity Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Tel. 02 2146630-8 ext. 530


bacc performing arts

P.A.F. : Performative Art Festival # 3
By BACC Arts Activity Department
July - December 2014
Studio, 4th floor,
Multi-function Room,
1st floor, and Auditorium, 5th floor.

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and Performing Artists Network proudly present P.A.F. : Performative Art Festival # 3.
The festival will take place from July to December 2014 at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre’s Studio, Multi-function Room
and Auditorium.

This year marks the third consecutive year for the collaboration between Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and Performing
Artists Network to promote performing arts and act as a medium between artists and the public as well as encourage
knowledge and ideas exchange.

The festival will feature various types of performances from both local and international artist. Apart from performances,
there will also be artists' talks and workshops on performing arts, dance and Butoh. The highlights of this year's festival include;


"Connecting ASEAN Plus" 2014
Shade Borders
Sri Burapha: Memoir of Isara The Musical
Artist Talk / Workshop with Randy Gledhill 2014
2475 The Musical
Hipster the King: 10 - 12 October 2014
The 16th ASIATOPIA…. 2014
Bangkok Theatre Festival 2014
International Dance Festival 2014

18 - 27 July 2014
15 - 17 August 2014
28 - 31 August 2014
3 - 6 September 2014
18 September - 5 October 2014
10 - 12 October 2014
30 October - 2 November 2014
1 - 16 November 2014
21 November - 3 December 2014
4 - 21 December 2014

P.A.F. : Performative Art Festival # 3 is the collaboration between Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and Performing Artists
Network namely The friends-of-the-Arts foundation Crescent Moon Theatre Writer Publishing Asiatopia Democrazy Studio
Anatta Theatre Troupe Bangkok Theatre Network B-Floor Theatre (Thailand) and Butoh Co-Op Thailand.

For more information
Arts Activity Department,
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Tel. 02 214 6630-8 ext. 530 Fax. 02 214 6639

Hipster the King
10 - 12 October 2014
(Friday - Sunday at 19.00 hrs.)
Studio, 4th floor

Care no one
Trust nobody (but me, of course)
Hipster for eternity
"Keep Calm and LOVE ME"

Democrazy Theatre Studio and NONCITIZEN present the latest contemporary dance
performance by Thanapol Virulhakul who was awarded 'Best Director' by IATC -
International Association of Theatre Critics / Thailand Centre from the contemporary
dance performance TRANSACTION, 2013.

Tickets: 450 Baht

For reservation and more information Tel. 081 441 5718
Line ID : democrazystudio

ASIATOPIA International Performance Art Festival #16 / 2014
30 October - 2 November 2014
Studio, 4th floor

For its 16th year, Asiatopia is seeking to develop linkage and exchange with artists'
community in Israel and Ukraine. We hope that this exchange will help inspire further
development of the art form for Thailand as well as participating artists. There are also
artists from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Poland.

This year, the artists will work in three different places; in Nan Province, they will
perform their artistic expression to the public while also share their experiences with
local traditional artists and musicians as well as learn about the eco-loving Hug Nan
Foundation - Joko Center, a farmer school where local grains have been re-introduced
and a centre for grains collecting. In Bangkok, the artists will work together at Bangkok
Art and Culture Centre. In Chiang Mai, they will conduct workshops and organise
a festival with students from the Faculty of Fine Art, Chiang Mai University.

Israel : Tamar Raban / Kineret Haya Max / Ran Nahmias
Poland : Waldemar Tatarczuk Ukraine : Yaryna Shumska / Yury Biley
Hong Kong : Sanmu Chan / Chan Mei Tung
Japan : Hiromi Shirai / Michiko Kanzawa Singapore : Jeremy Hiah
China : Wenmin Tong Thai : Jittima Pholsawek / Sai Wannaporn / Preeyachanok
Ketsuwan / Padungsak Khochasumrong / Pitchanan Sornyen / Mongkol Plienabangchang

Activities Schedule
30 October 2014

Artists Talk - Performing Art in Israel and Poland
Female Artists Showcase (Thailand - China - Hong Kong)

31 October 2014
Opening Ceremony of ASIATOPIA / Live Performances

1 - 2 November 2014
Live Performances at Studio on the 4th floor, Opening Space,
and BTS Skywalk (National Stadium) at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

*Free entry For more information, please contact Khun Nopawan Sirivejkul
Tel. 085 150 3048
ASIATOPIA International Performance Art Festival

bacc library

Storytelling Activity for Kids, Asean Tales:
"The Golden Mountain and the Weeping Grain of Rice"

By Art Library, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Saturday 25 October 2014 at 14.00 - 15.30 hrs.
Friends of bacc Room, 6th floor

Once upon a time, there is a mountain covered with gold. People called it the golden
mountain. Wherever the mountain moved to, it would bring richness and wealth to
the land. However, the golden mountain was yet to find a city with morality that it
looked for. One day, while it was floating along the river, the mountain saw a grain
of rice weeping. The rice told the mountain that it was thrown away by the people
of this city. The golden mountain was very angry because it seemed that they did
not respect the value of a grain of rice. Find out what would happen next on the
date and time mentioned above.

Free entry Balloon Bozo at 13.30 hrs.
Register and more information, please call 02 214 6630-8 ext. 126, 127
(Tue-Sun: 10.00-18.00 hrs.)


Dress Me Up
3rd floor

Dress up your palate with various Thai dishes from our kitchen while enjoying our
hand-woven and hand-painted products with unique design.

For more information

Green Thai Product
4st floor

Green and eco-friendly design products such as handbags, messenger bags, notebooks, passport holders and other handmade accessories.

For more information

Upcoming in ber

bacc education

BACC Art Talk 2014 Series #3
By BACC Education Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Saturday 1 November 2014 at 14.00 - 16.00 hrs.
Multi-Function Room, 1st floor

The 3rd BACC Art Talk 2014 "Aesthetics Makes Sense" will be held on Saturday
1 November 2014. The guest speakers are a Thai artist and a curator from the 55th
International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, Arin Rungjang, and Worathep

The Seminar will be in Thai without translation
Free Entry

Organized by Education Department Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
For more information and booking Tel. 02 214 6630 - 8 ext. 519


For more information, please contact BACC Information

939 Rama 1 Rd., Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel. 02 214 6630-8 Fax. 02 214 6639
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