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Long Live H.R.H Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
60th Birthday Anniversary
2 April 2015
By the Board of Committee and Staff
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Songkran Days


Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (bacc) is closed for Songkran Days during 13 - 15 April 2015.


bacc experimental

A series of experimental sound project Project #3 ACCIDENT

by BACC exhibition dept. in collaboration with SO::ON Dry FLOWER
28 April - 2 May 2015
Studio 4th floor

A experimental sound project presents the intensity and tension using 'Drift' as in motor racing technique where the driver
intentionally oversteers while maintaining control, the concept is to propose psychological digressing in geography of sounds
from one area to the next and explore its diverse aspects through technical and creative contents that involves crossing
platforms andvarious disciplines of the artists. The focus is to allow the audience to understand sound as an art form and
open up to incidents and situations to arrive at their new listening experience. With combination of solo performances, sound
installations, improvising sessions, workshops and lectures, the project investigates unheard perceptions of sound through
works by international / localsound artists via different formats under experimental approach. A series of experimental sound
project comes to the last with Project #3: ACCIDENT

Project #3: ACCIDENT Accident or event or incident that happens unexpectedly or unintentionally could turn to be an
opportunity for sound incident that spontaneously happened. The concept is to encourage series of movements composing
of diverse acts and materials extended to be sound source. From inputs to outputs, cause and effect, diverse qualities are all
interacted both presumed and coincidental to deliver phenomenon. Chance is the key to allow for mistakes experimenting
with the ordinary found in daily situations. A combination between sound installation and performing, ‘Accident’ is a happening
created with an aim to share. The audience could see, hear, and perceive to experience the on-going operations making us
relook and question aesthetic and meaning of sound from common realities.

Curators: Koichi Shimizu/ Pichaya Aime Suphavanij

Special Lecturer: Carsten Seiffarth, Guest Curator

Artists: Siwanat Boonsripornchai, Jean-David Caillouet, Bani Haykal, Liew Niyomkarn, Makha Sanewong Na Ayuthaya,
Umeda Tetsuya

The project by BACC exhibition dept. in collaboration with SO::ON Dry FLOWER as part of BACC Experimental Project.
For more information, please contact BACC exhibition dept. :

bacc exhibition 789

crossover : The Unveiled Collection
By BACC Exhibition Department
20 February - 14 June 2015
Main Gallery, 7th floor

It has started as an attempt to merge the history of Thai art with the history of art
collecting. Collectors are often overlooked by the academic world in spite of the fact
that their collections interestingly reflect changes and movements in Thai art history.
crossover: The Unveiled Collection aims to inspire the general public, artists, art students,
and other collectors to recognize the importance of preserving, collecting, maintaining
and disseminating this cultural heritage of Thai art.

Collectors: Kittishote Haritaworn, Kittiporn Jalichandra, Chatvichai Promadhattavedi,
Chana Asdathorn, Jean-Michel Beurdeley, Narong Intanate, Dr. Disaphol Chansiri,
Tachapong Pravesvararat, Prin Chirathivat, Pongsa Atirakul, Pongchai Chindasook,
Petch Osathanugrah, Phakphong Ching, Yaovanee Nirandara, Dr. Wudhipong
Kittitanasuan, Dr. Somratch Hiranyawasit

Guest Curator: Tawatchai Somkong, Chol Janepraphaphan

Imply Reply : Huang Yong Ping and Sakarin Krue-On
Organized by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in collaboration
with Tang Contemporary Art
Supported by Embassy of France and Faculty of Painting Sculpture
and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University
12 February - 26 April 2015
Main Gallery, 8th floor

"Imply Reply"- a collaborative exhibition between Huang Yong Ping, an eminence Chinese
Paris-Based artist who creates a new Chinese cultural identity by bridging the framework
of reference in Western modernism with Chinese observances as well as contemporary
reality and Sakarin Krue-On, a distinctive contemporary Thai artist whose works were
blended Thai mythological narratives with understanding of disciplinesthat allows him
to navigate with his idiosyncratic approach through multiplatform formats.The exhibition
juxtaposes critical thinking both in local and regional and global context, communicating reflexive works of both artists from differing generation to present a diverse worldview
with critical-ironic potential to address vital issues. Hence with the title Imply Reply, the
exhibition aims to present reciprocal thinking process between artists and audience that
challenge the viewer to reconsider the idea of art and its relationship to national identity
in recent history that are crucial to the contemporary era.

Pichaya Suphavanij

main exhibition 789

A Photography Exhibition
by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri
Sirindhorn: Clairvoyance

By The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand (RPST),
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, and Office of Contemporary Art
and Culture (OCAC)
10 December 2014 - 26 April 2015
Main Gallery, 9th floor

This year's exhibition is different than previous ones. This year there are photos taken from
a telescope and being able to use the Scanning Electron Microscope to see the microscopic structure. There is also a photo from a drone that allows us to see from high altitude.
These machines give magical eyes to see unbelievablevisions, hence the name of this year's
exhibition,clairvoyance, taken from Inao, traditional Thai epic, when Prince This lecture
focuses on urban media with critical viewpoints in the media phenomena fast developing
in the city, whether it is in the form of big or small digital screen, media facades, or
electronic advertising tool embedded in public spaces. In our today’s modern cities are
hybridstructures in which technology is invisibly interweaved in the perception layers of our
daily lives, the lecture creates an awareness on the changes which are hardly visible to the
eyes and are underlying today's cities. Through some samples of media artworks, the lecture
aims to unfold digital structure that affects the psychology of people who live in the city.
Joraka proclaims during his dagger dance for the gods:

"My two hands held high in reverence for all gods big and small,
for all those with clairvoyance, do not side with the villain"

Other photos in this exhibition are sceneries and snapshots from Thailand and other countries. Among them are photos from Timor-Leste and Malta for the first time.

For more information Public Relation Department,
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)
Tel: 02 214 6630 - 8 ext. 501

people's gallery

Implication of Life Exhibition
By Sumeth Put-aiem, Phiranan Chanthamat and Suriwan Sutham
(Black Space)
3 - 29 April 2015
People's Gallery P1-P3, 2nd floor

The Black Space is the collaboration of three artists who are teachers at Major of Art
Education, Faculty of Education, Bansomdejchaopaya Rajabhat University. This exhibition
presents their different interpretations of the "Implication of Life" through attitudes,
visions and experiences that are re-imagined through the paintings with the use of
signs and symbols.

bacc library

German Photo Book Award 2014 Exhibition
5 February - 12 April 2015
Art Library, L-Floor,
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

The Goethe-Institut Thailand and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) are glad to
continue to welcome you to the Exhibition "German Photo Book Award 2014". 21 "gold"
and "silver" titles from the categories "conceptual-artistic photo books”, "history/theory
of photography" and "Coffee Table Books" will be displayed again in the Art Library.

One of the highlights is " Before They Pass Away" by Jimmy Nelson. With 402 colour
photographs and the texts in German, English and French, this exceptionally large photo
book will take you on an unforgettable journey to meet 31 tribes around the world.

Free Admission For more information Tel. 02 108 8242
Email: or 02 214 6630 - 8 ext. 126 and 127

Storytelling Activity for Kids "Kaew the Naughty:
Happy Birthday By H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn"

To celebrate H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s 60th Birthday Anniversary
Saturday 18 April 2015 at 14.00 - 15.30 hrs.
Multi-function Room, 1st floor

Today is Kaew’s birthday. She is very excited and wonders if she will get any birthday
present. Will there be any birthday surprise for Kaew? Find out what will happen next
on the date and time mentioned above.

Free entry with free face painting for kids
Register at 02 214 6630 - 8 ext. 126, 127


2nd floor

"ArtNMeal" is a café and artist community for idea and inspiration. We offer relaxing,
casual and comfortable atmosphere for social gatherings where everyone come and
exchange idea and inspiration.

For more information
Tel. 081 195 5004

Mon Cher
4th floor

The Soul Diamond Jewelry. All Diamond Jewelry are custom made especially for you with
your birth date, month, year, time and place to design your soul diamond jewelry based
on the result from the Four Pillar Chinese Horoscope for good fortune.

For more information
Tel. 02 108 4599

Upcomings in May

The 4th Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing
Exhibition To celebrate the Auspicious Occasion of Her Royal
Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s 5th Cycle Birthday
Anniversary on 2 April 2015 and on the Occasion of c
celebrating 72nd Anniversary of Silpakorn University

Organized by Silpakorn University in cooperation
with Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture
14 May - 2 August 2015
Main Gallery, 8th floor
Opening ceremony on Thursday 21 May 2015 at 18.00 hrs.

bacc cinema

Cinema Diverse: Director's Choice 2015
By BACC Arts Activity Department
Saturday 23 May 2015 at 16.30 - 20.30 hrs.
Auditorium, 5th Floor

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre proudly presents "Cinema Diverse: Director's Choice".
For the third Cinema Diverse, five international films, selected by five acclaimed Thai
directors, will be shown bi-monthly from March - November 2015, followed by a talk
with the Thai director after each screening.

The second screening on Saturday 23 March 2015 is Court (India / 2014) directed by Chaitanya Tamhane. It has been chosen by Aditya Assarat, an acclaimed Thai director
of Wonderful Town and Hi-So.

Court won Best Feature Award at the Indian government’s annual National Film Awards,
Best Film and Director at the Mumbai Film Festival, Best Asian Feature at the Singapore
International Film Festival, the Luigi De Laurentiis Award and the Venice Horizons Award
at the Venice Film Festival and the Fipresci Prize at the Viennnale.

Join us for the screening of Court and a post screening talk with Aditya Assarat,
Chaitanya Tamhane
, the film director and Vivek Gomber, the actor and the producer
of the film.

Free entry
No reservation needed

*With Thai and English subtitles
*Film screening starts at 17.30 hrs.
*The talk after the screening will be in Thai with English translation.
*The film is suitable for adults 15 years and over.

For more information please call 02 214 6630 - 8 ext. 528

bacc music

The 9th Bangkok Music Forum : 
"62 Years of the Peasant Poet - Pongthep Gradoanchumnaan"

By BACC Arts Activity Department
Saturday 30 May 2015 at 16.00 - 18.30 hrs.
Auditorium, 5th floor

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre proudly presents the 9th Bangkok Music Forum:  
"62 Years of the Peasant Poet - Pongthep Gradoanchumnaan". Join us for the
life stories in the lifelong music career of Pongthep Gradoanchumnaan, his perspective
on life, his role as an activist and the president of Khao Yai Foundation with the live
performance of his philosophical songs.

*Free entry / No reservation 
Activity by Arts Activity Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Register at 15.30 hrs.

For more information Arts Activity Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Tel. 02 214 6630 - 8 ext. 530


For more information, please contact BACC Information

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