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Restrospective art exhibition of Chalood Nimsamur
By BACC Exhibition Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
31 May – 18 August 2013
Main Gallery, 9th floor

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main exhibitions

Thai Cartoons and abstract illustration exhibition
By Raj Loesuang and Somboon Hormtientong
Organized By SomboonHormtientong and Apisak Sonjod
Co-Organized By Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (bacc)
21 February – 12 May 2013
Main Gallery, 9th floor

Thai Cartoons and abstract illustration exhibition by Raj Loesuang and Somboon Hormtientong. More than 400 drawings, paintings, sculptures and installation art will be on display and you will have a chance to meet with the artists. Visiting this exhibition, perhaps you will recognize the familiar cartoons from your childhood that have been engraved in your memory.

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Exhibition: Possession
Curated by Brian Curtin and Steve Dutton
14 March - 5 May 2013
Main Gallery, 8th floor

A sense of immersion in visual culture generally, the use of new and old technologies, a revisiting of earlier critical issues around authorship, originality and context, the un-even significance of signs within a global context, and an embracing of the evacuation of the image characterizes all the artworks in Possession. These issues can challenge the very possibility of a singular or distinct context for understanding the artwork and the presence of the artist all but dissipates; yet much of the artwork within this exhibition subtly undermines this assumption. Possession points to the paradox of a claim for specificities and subjectivities in much contemporary art practice whilst acknowledging the greater forces and agencies which affect it; or, who is in the process of possessing who? And how do we decide?

Exhibition : "Pharmacide Arts & Counterfeit Goods"
By French Embassy inThailand, in collaboration with the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, Tilleke & Gibbins Museum of Counterfeit Goods and BACC
2 April - 26 May 2013
Main Gallery, 8th floor

The "Pharmacide Arts" regional exhibition (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand) is composed of 24 pieces (pictures, sculptures, videos) and a catalogue. A documentary movie about fake medicines in the Mekong region will be screened during the exhibition, in a black box. Two series of conferences regarding counterfeit goods and intellectual property will take place as part of the exhibition.

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people's gallery

THE PERFORMANCE ART Photo Document & Objects
By Mongkol Plienbangchang
20 April - 29 May 2013
People's Gallery P1, 2nd floor

The exhibition presents photographs and objects from Art Performance by Mongkol Plienbangchang , including the concept of the artist in the part and different areas expressive materials and equipment from the missions which the artist used to communicate a concept.

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By Sakaranon Supap
20 April- 29 May 2013
People's Gallery P2 - P3, 2nd floor artHub@bacc

With this hand, it was used to hold from pens, pencils, needles to computer mouse. But one day it turned to hold paint brushes. With resourceful experiences in life, brushes and paints are used to depict emotions, thoughts and stories, through pictures of girls and cats, expressing the positive and bright sides of life. I have dreams. I have tried and done many things. BUT, NOW, The only thing that I love to do is just painting, because I'm A Painter.

arts network

35th Anniversary: The South East Asian Writers Awards Exhibition
21 April – 19 May 2013
1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th floor

These “photo-poems” are a variation of ekphrasis (poetry with works of art as their subject). They are short verses presented with photographic portraits of 27 Thai artists taken with a piece of their art, and thus are an attempt to unite the two art forms of visual art and writing. Each rhythmic verse is a response, created quickly, but which flows freely in any direction and is capable of being interpreted by the viewer in many different ways. The words intend to evoke the same visceral response in the viewer as a visual artwork, applying techniques such as narration, description, evocation, juxtaposition, etc, in their response to the individual artists portrayed and their visual works. The title Three Worlds was selected as it references The Three Worlds—or Traiphum [Thai: ไตรภูมิพระร่วง]—the earliest known Thai language illustrated manuscript created ca. 1345. In this exhibition, however, Three Worlds—translated into Thai language literally [Thai: สามโลก]—describes the project’s tripartite combination of photography, poetry and art.

bacc library

Art library
Art Library, L floor.

Art library would like to present a book, “Great paintings: the world’s masterpieces explored and explained”. It compiles the 66 reputed paintings which were produced between 1,100 until recent period. Moreover, there are the explanations, such as, the paintings’ background, its historical context, the stories of the artists and their painting techniques. Please follow to read this book here, at Art Library at bacc.

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3rd floor

HARDCOVER: The Art Book Shop is a specialist bookshop in the field of visual arts, design, fashion and culture. The shop draws its unique selections from leading art publishers as well as independent ones, both in Thailand and internationally. It also includes exhibition catalogues from local and international galleries, as well as a rotating collection of rare and out-of-print academic art books.

FA Cinematheque
2nd floor

The door to experience Film Archive (public Organization). Many Kinds of product from Film Archive (public Organization) such as books, DVDs, postcards and T-shirts / Research corner and film magazines / pieak Poster Theater for film screenings , talks and workshops.

upcoming in June

The 2nd White Elephant Art Award Art Exhibition
By Thai Beverage Public Company Limited
13 June – 11 August 2013
Main Gallery, 8th floor

This symposium organized by BACC exhibition Dept. in tandem with Concept Context Contestation : art and the collective in Southeast Asia aims to flesh-out the many intersection strands that compose this exhibition. Two morning sessions will feature individual presentations on academic and art historical topics relating to Southeast Asia Art, while afternoon sessions, public friendly, are in round table formal so encouraging audience participation.

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