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bacc international exhibition
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre cordially invite you to an opening of the exhibition: Concept Context Contestation: art and the collective in Southeast Asia (Jogjakarta, INDONESIA) Traveling Project

Opening Ceremony 

Saturday 20 August 2016 at 7.00 pm. at Jogjakarta, INDONESIA

bacc international exhibition

Concept Context Contestation: art and the collective in Southeast Asia (Jogjakarta, INDONESIA) Traveling Project

20 August 2016, at 7.00 pm.
Cemeti Art House, and Ruang MES 56, Jogjakarta, INDONESIA

The Exhibition Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), in collaboration with Cemeti Art House, Kedai Kebun Forum,
and Ruang MES 56 present a traveling project, Concept Context Con-testation: art and the collective in Southeast Asia,
Jogja version
, a continuation of the original CCC that premiered at BACC Bangkok in December 2013.CCCJogja aims to further
explore Southeast Asian art’s development of expressive languages that with form, function, and concept, articulate views of
society and political narrations that activate critical viewer response. In 2016, artists, curators and host institutions in Jogja are
cooperating to expand and re-focus original CCC and so graft additional meanings onto Concept Context Contestation Jogja
version. Post-Bangkok CCC, the exhibition’s ethos of openness and dialogue continues through newly-added artworks including
photography, installation, video and other media, and also through collaborative programs and projects, many of which have
been commissioned specially for CCC Jogja.

Among the various projects initiated for CCC Jogja, several will be performative or involve the public as participants. Participatory
projects include Jogka collective MES 56's Magical Mystical Tours (de-tails to be announced after 18 August); Tintin Wulia’s
passport-making project, launched in a selected public space, to be announced; Vasan Sitthiket will inaugurate a new puppet performance (Saturday 20 August, 7pm); Sutee Kunavichayanont’s History Class desk installation will function through viewer
interaction; Amanda Heng will present Let’s Chat, the public invited to join the artist for tea and vegetable preparation
(durational, Saturday 20 August, Cemeti Art House, 6-8pm); Ise Roslisham will prepare food for audiences; Mella Jaarsma
will parade her costume piece on the opening night, and collective Vertical Submarine will install a "money-changing booth"
for Jogja viewers. (Project venues Cemeti Art House or Ruang MES 56, or other, to be announced).

In addition, selected artists will give public tours of their work in the Cemeti Art House and Ruang MES 56 spaces on Sunday
21 August, and Monday 22 August, from 2pm-3:30pm. More information will be posted on the Cemeti Art House website after
18 August.

Guest Curators:
Iola Lenzi (Singapore), Agung Hujatnikajennong (Indonesia), and Vipash Purichanont (Thailand)

Alwin Reamillo (The Philippines), Amanda Heng (Singapore), Arahmaiani (Indonesia), Aung Ko (Myanmar), Aung Myint (Myanmar),
Bui Cong Khanh(Vietnam), Chalood Nimsamer (Thailand), Eko Nugroho and Daging Tumbuh (Indonesia), FX Harsono (Indonesia),
Goldie Poblador (The Philippines), Lee Wen (Singapore), Manit Sriwanichpoom (Thailand), MES 56 (Indonesia), Michael
Shaowanasai (Thailand), Moe Satt (Myanmar), Moelyono (Indonesia), Nge Lay (Myanmar), Paphonsak La-or (Thailand),
Popok Tri Wahyudi (Indonesia), Prapat Jiwarangsan (Thailand), Roslisham Ismail (Malaysia), Sutee Kunavichayanont (Thailand),
Taring Padi (Indonesia), Tay Wei Leng (Singapore), Thao Nguyen Phan (Vietnam),Tintin Wulia (Indonesia),Tisna Sanjaya
(Indonesia), Tung Mai (Vietnam), Vandy Rattana (Cambodia), Vasan Sitthiket (Thailand), Vu Dan Tan (Vietnam), Mella Jaarsma
(Indonesia),Restu Ratnaningtyas (Indonesia),Vertical Submarine (Singapore)

Forum participants:
Jim Supangkat; FX Harsono; Wulan Dirgantoro; Amanda Rath; Arahmaiani; Amanda Heng; Lee Wen; Valentine Willie; Hendro
Wiyanto; Vasan Sitthiket; Justin Loke (Vertical Submarine); Iola Lenzi; Paul Khoo; Agung Kurniawan; Agung Hujatnikajennong;

Vipash Purichanont; Thomas Berghuis; Farah Wardani; Natalia Kraevskaia; Tay Wei Leng; MES 56; Jeffrey Say; Michael
Shaowanasai; Popok Tri Wahyudi; Manit Sriwanichpoom; Mella Jaarsma; Alia Swastika; Restu Ratnaningtyas.

Organized by Exhibition Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Cemeti Art House, Kedai Kebun Forum, and Ruang MES 56 Supported by Langgeng Art Foundation, and National Arts Council, Singapore
Viewing Period at Cemeti Art House, and Ruang MES 56 : 21 August - 21 September 2016
Forum at Kedai Kebun Forum : 21 - 22 August 2016

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