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    Bangkok Art and Culture Centre cordially invite you to an opening of the exhibition. Experimental Video
Art Exhibition, Thai-European Friendship 2004-2014 (EVA project)


Opening Reception

Thursday 17 July 2014, At 18:00 hrs.

Thursday 17 July 2014, At 18:30 hrs.

Experimental Video Art Exhibition, Thai-European Friendship 2004-2014 (EVA project)
By BACC Exhibition Department and Komson Nookiew
18 July 2014 - 7 September 2014 Main Gallery, 7th floor
Opening Reception 17 July 2014

Curator :
Komson Nookiew
Pascal Fendrich
Sabine Marte

For ten years (beginning in 2004) King Mongkut's Institute of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Fine Art Department, in conjunction with nine Thai art institutes, has collaborated with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Austria) and the Academy
of Media Art Cologne (Germany) to present a collection of ‘Video Art’ to the Thai public. Video Art melds computer engineering and fine art techniques to pro-duce art work reflecting life in an increasingly technological society. In Thailand, Video Art and
its emphasis on technology has not yet been widely presented. Science technology is nowadays an important area of study in the Arts. The Experimental Video Art Exhibition is a project that extends knowledge of new media for students of Art and the general public through organized video screenings at various universities in Thailand. We are confident that the cooperation among Thai and international artists will help to improve Fine Art education in Thailand. The purpose of this annual project
is to showcase a diverse international group of artists at the univer-sity level who work in Video Art. The exhibition will allow interaction leading to new methods of prac-tice, discussion of art theory and the global influence of new media on social behavior, perception and artistic expression. We have invited Thai artists as well as artists from Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, England and other countries. Each artist’s style and individual work process contributes to the diversity
of the exhibition providing insights into their cultures, customs, personal interests and seminal social issues affecting them. Additionally, we will focus on building academic partnerships within Thailand as well as establishing academic exchange programs with foreign universities and institutes.

This year the exhibition will be shown at the 9 participating Thai art institutes as well as the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

An exhibition co-organized by BACC Exhibition Department and Komson Nookiew
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