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Dear Friends of BACC

BACC and KMITL cordially invite you to the opening ceremony of Pioneer in Video Art from Thailand, Slovenia, Norway Since 1980 Exhibition

Saturday 11 May, 2019

14.00 hrs.


17.30 hrs.

18.00 hrs.

At Main Gallery, 8th floor

Curator Tour "Video Art in Slovenia"


Opening Ceremony

Exhibition Period: 9 May - 30 June, 2019 at Main Gallery on 8th Floor

The video exhibition entitled “Pioneer in Video Art from Thailand, Slovenia, Norway Since 1980" compares and contrasts art styles prevalent in South East Asia, Europe and Scandinavia using material produced by artists from Thailand, Slovenia and Norway. The works represent examples of single screen video and video installations.

The history of humankind can be chronicled by the Art they have produced. Art is basic to human existence. All man's creations showcase the Art of the period. The internet revolution has created a World awash in video art with people all over the planet daily bombarded by multimedia on both their desktop and mobile devices. The progression of technology, especially advances in speed and transmission of enormous files, has made a deep impact to people's daily life. A foundation of education is an important requirement towards developing a country.

This is the mission of the Fine Art Department, Architecture Faculty at King Mongkut’s institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL). We strive to increase knowledge base through expansion of our curriculum. Joint programs conducted with international Art faculties will allow us to achieve this goal. The exhibition will highlight different cultural perceptions through a common medium of video art focusing on themes such as life, love and politics. After a run in Thailand, the exhibition will move to both Slovenia and Norway.

Curators: Komson Nookiew, Miha T. Horvat and David Rych


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