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   Bangkok Art and Culture Centre cordially invites you to an opening of "Encounter with Strangers"    Exhibition

   Friday 25 September 2015

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"Encounter with Strangers"
An exhibition of Quebec Artists in Residence at BACC

Organised by BACC Arts Network Department
26 September - 25 October 2015
Studio, 4 th floor
Opening Reception: 25 September 2015 at 18.00 hrs.

BACC Arts Network Department, in collaboration with the Quebec Artists Network, has initiated an artist exchange project between
Bangkok, Thailand and Quebec, Canada in order to foster a close relationship between the two cities in terms of art and culture.
The project will begin in 2015 and conclude in 2016.

"Encounter with Strangers", an exhibition of Quebec Artists in Residence at BACC will present works by a group of selected Quebec
artists from different disciplines and backgrounds. These artists will travel to Bangkok to participate in the two week Artist-in-
residence program in September 2015. During their residency in Bangkok, they will get to "encounter" strange conditions
in an Asianmetropolitan. Their experiences with these situations will be displayed and re-imagined through their works which
will form this exhibition.


Camille Bernard-Grave

My projects are inspired by simple natural phenomena that we see in our daily lives. I am interested in the
cohabitation of natural and urban elements in the same artwork, which brings one’s spirit to a new reality.
Through my videos, sounds and installation projects, I re-create non- material natural phenomena. In order
to achieve this I use common objects and construction materials to represent phenomena such as rain, wind,
water reflection, natural sounds, etc. By coming in contact with my work, the viewer will experience precious
moments of astonishment, which will hopefully bring them to some kind of epiphany. Catherine Bélanger

Catherine Bélanger

I devote myself to the recording, the conservation and the transmutation of culinary actions.I wish to index
these actions before they disappear, and to crystallize the importance of the ways of doing of ordinary people who go unnoticed in our society, but who are its very foundations. My interest and my responsibility are to underline traditions and rituals of the daily life, from the past and the present, to unravel their value.

Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell

I grew up in a very multicultural place, influenced by the English and French speaking worlds. My works are
very much around the notion of the meeting of two cultures, two aesthetics. For this exhibition,I will create
traditional Canadian clothing with Thai fabric. Inversely, I will make traditional Thai clothing with typical
Canadian fabric. Thai fabric has a beautiful pattern, very delicate and ornamental which is a huge contrast
with the fabric from Canada which is very thick and mostly made out of wool because it is very cool. I think
there is a nice parallel and the contrast is very interesting.

Giorgia Volpe

My artistic practices are nourished by actions and objects that come from the domestic world and from daily life.
I study the relationship between the body and its environment by exploring transition areas, notably between
the inside and the outside, the individual and the collective, the intimate and the public, the real and the
imaginary. Two parallel and complementary components characterize my artistic research. One is the social
component, which consists of occasional and ephemeral interventions within diverse communities, and is more
concerned with the collective memory. The other is a more intimate component, which emphasises sensorial
and affective memory through photographs, videos and installations.

Marc-André Jésus

My work will document, in images, my intimate In situ approach, which will explore the limitsof gender identity
in a city known for its open- mindedness towards sexual diversity. Bangkok remains a privileged destination for
outsiders who are imprisoned in the wrong gender and misunderstood by society. The project aims to
demystify social prejudices of the transgender and other gay communities in Bangkok. Finally, over the course
of the series, I will be confronting my own non- conformist, westernised gender, in the context of Southwest
Asian reality. Together, the personal nature of my project and the hyper- realistic aspects of photography will
enable me to create striking, long- lasting images.


Marie-Claude Gendron

My work is called "Act of Immobility". It is a live performance in a public space. There are kinds of ways to be,
a conservative way to be when you are in public. I want to see that if we do an action that is not normal,
what would happen? I am interested in what it is to be and what is the strangest thing that you don’t do
in a public space. My theme is "endurance in a confinement situation". I will sit still, immobile for hours with a
video camerato capture my image in a symbolic place where the security is very heavy. Somewhere where you
can’t usually do anything that is not normal. This performance will be unpredictable because I don’t know how
the people will react and what will happen. I want my work to display the relationship between the body and
the urban landscape as well as the relationship between the individual and society.

Patrick Altman

For BACC, I will present a photographic installation based on the idea of landscape and landscape loss due to
environmental effects. From my photographic archives, the installation will include a set from 400 to 500 small
photographs. The photos when seen overall will combine to create an abstract work.

Renaud Philippe

I'm more like a photojournalist. I like to tell stories. I love Asia and try to focus my work on Asia. I don't know
why but I feel alive when I'm here. There are lives everywhere. I can feel them very strongly, so many
people, always something going on around you. I want to do something strong, a great photo project. But
I don’t have many expectations. Expectations and realities are never the same thing. I come here relaxed,
no expectation but I know what I want to do. When I was in Quebec, I learned that Bangkok is sinking and
that's my subject. I’m working on the fact that everything has a hand, human being, city, everything. And
nature is stronger than everything we are building. We often forget this but human beings are just a little
part of life on earth and the whole world.

ASIATOPIA International Performance Art Festival (Nan-Bangkok-Chiang Mai)
18 October - 7 November 2015
Christian Messier Richard Martel
ASIATOPIA International Performance Art Festival

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Encounter with Strangers Exhibition
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